Zeki Ceyhan: "What is being said, what is being done?"

Zeki Ceyhan: "What is being said, what is being done?"
Date: 8.10.2020 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Zeki Ceyhan writes on Turkey's politics. Here is the full article.

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There is such a big difference between the "discourses" we hear from the People's Alliance and the "actions" we see!
In order to explain this big difference, even if we say "as high as mountains", we would say less!
If we look at the discourses; The times when the law of the superiors was in effect instead of the rule of law are now behind!
What a beautiful "discourse" isn't it?
One comes to frame such a beautiful discourse and a staff on the wall!
There are other good statements we hear from the People's Alliance.
For example it is said:
An order will be established in which the strong is not right, the righteous is strong!
Could there be a better discourse than this?
This discourse is framed and hung on the wall!
Yes, these are the rhetoric we hear from the Alliance of the Republic!
There are also "actions" that catch our eye from the People's Alliance!
Looking at their rhetoric, it is believed that the partners of the People's Alliance are in complete surrender to the decisions of the courts!
While waiting for them to say that whatever the court says is true, the Alliance of the People's Alliance partners pass the court decisions through their mind strains.
And if they like it, well!
If he does not go, they start to criticize the courts.
Back and forth conversations begin about the courts where decisions have been made that they don't like.
They not only criticize but also argue that the courts in question should be restructured.
In this case, we only have to think, "What is being said, what is being done".
Yes, there is a big difference between the "discourses" we hear of the Presidential Alliance and the "actions" we see!
Apparently, his discourse on "the rule of law" includes only his own understanding of law!
If the decisions taken by the courts are in line with their own understanding of law, there is no problem!
But if it's not suitable, my rose burned flax halva!
We think they must have come to this point as a result of the polarization policies they have insisted on following and persistent for years. What else could it come to be if we always polarize and always exclude it?


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