Zeki Ceyhan: "Who carries CHP to the power?"

Zeki Ceyhan: "Who carries CHP to the power?"
Date: 8.8.2019 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Zeki Ceyhan writes on Turkey's politics. Here is the full article.

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The henchmen spitfire to those who seek to leave the AKP and to form a new party and saying, "You are carrying the CHP to the power."
True, every new party to be established will lead to a further shrinkage of the ruling cake.
But who will be responsible?
Are they the ones who part way with the AKP by forming a new party or are an the ones who have to form a new party responsible for this division?
If the adherents could take into account those who pushed them to act like this before they could trust the ones who set up a new party!
But where they have that heart!
They only know how to suck oil to the rulers and use fancy words to get into the eye.
Those in power don't have the guts to tell me what's wrong.
They know, or rather, they see that those who say the wrongs are immediately blacklisted.
And stamped with treacherous stamp.
The AKP has not been able to win new supporters for a long time, but it is also spending the current very badly.
Any dissident sound is immediately silenced.
Opposition, "What is your problem, friend, come together, let's get together" instead of saying almost all the doors are closed to the face.
Until yesterday, hand in hand, arm in arm suddenly become enemies of each other.
Even those who say you have an eyebrow on your eye are excluded, "You can't get off the train again".
The AKP administration, which has lost its supporters for many years, now accuses those who set out to form a new party, saying, "If you set up a new party, you will have carried the CHP to power?"
Is it not the fault of those who force people to leave and leave no alternative other than forming a new party?
The accusations that the supporters have made to those who are preparing to form a new party reveal that they still do not realize the truth.
They still don't want to give life to anyone but themselves.
They still don't tolerate different ideas and opinions.
"Nation's support behind us, we have to do what we say" in the sense of breaking and pouring around.
The worst thing is that the economy is in a very bad state.
Economic management cannot do anything but produce promises for the future.


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