Zeki Ceyhan: "Why wouldn't it accord with him?

Zeki Ceyhan: "Why wouldnt it accord with him?
Date: 21.5.2019 16:00

Milli Gazete columnist Zeki Ceyhan writes on Turkey's election periods. Here is the full article.

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During the election campaigns, a citizen said, “couldn’t you repeat the elections? It doesn’t accord with you, we love you but this shouldn’t have been happen.”  
In our opinion, a citizen who complains like this is mistaken.
Because, the ruling party cadres are fully engaged with doing what “they accord with it.” While they claim that “they don’t run after office” on one hand, aren’t they trying to show that “position and office runs after them” on the other hand. 
Why shouldn’t such a behavior doesn’t suit to a mindset which sees only themselves as “patriots” and all others as “traitors.”
In fact, this behavior suits them very well!
By means of these behaviors, their true colors have been shown.
Those who support them until today, who give them the power position face the facts. The numbers of those who regret and say, “who have we supported and cause to their power” increase rapidly.
Those who say, “Thanks for supporting us but it is near, we will complete it in this elections” to the citizens are waiting for a greater disappointment.
Those who didn’t query their performances due to their defeat and who repeat that their “votes went for nothing” are in the expectation of “we have incomplete work, we will complete them.”
However, the citizens don’t want to “complete their incomplete work” from them, they want them to “retire to pasture.”
They are always engaged in talking in purple prose that they are victims. 
They virtually create an atmosphere that “the Prime Ministry is gone, the TBMM President Ship is gone and if Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality goes, they will be completely aggrieved.”
Those who fail to make a fair and reliable election tied their hopes to June 23rd. To talk as if the balloting committees they are complainant of are prepared by the opposition parties is into the bargain of the work.
We wonder how those who couldn’t form equitable balloting committees on March 31rd form it on June 23rd.
In view of all these developments, we cannot find the discourse of “repeating the election didn’t accord with them” realist.
We think that they did what they “accord with,” and not what they “didn’t accord with.” We are also aware that we aren’t “alone” with thinking so.
Doesn’t the photos about while the “dinner table” stands in the middle, they break their fasts on the floor table show that these kind of behaviors suit them very well?


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