Zionist army martyred over 400 civilians in and around Al-Shifa Hospital

Zionist army martyred over 400 civilians in and around Al-Shifa Hospital
Date: 1.4.2024 11:00

The Government Media Office (GMO) in Gaza said that more than 400 people – patients, war-displaced civilians and healthcare staff – have been killed in Israeli attacks during 13 days of military siege on Al-Shifa Hospital and its nearby neighborhoods.

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GMO added that the Zionist army also destroyed, targeted and burned 1,050 homes around Al-Shifa Hospital during its siege on the area.
According to GMO on Saturday, the Israeli occupation forces detained and tortured hundreds of patients, displaced individuals and health care workers in and around the hospital.
GMO said that there are still 107 patients and 60 healthcare workers trapped in the hospital and living under inhumane conditions, without water, medicine, food or electricity, accusing the Israeli army of hindering international efforts to evacuate them.
GMO condemned the Israeli army’s aggression against Al-Shifa Hospital as a “war crime” and a “crime against humanity,” accusing the US administration, some European countries and the international community of being accomplices in the genocidal and ethnic cleansing crimes that are committed in Gaza.
GMO urged international organizations and the Arab and Islamic countries to abandon their passivity and take real measures to stop Israel’s attacks on hospitals and its destruction of the health sector.


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