Zionist-Greek alliance seizes the Aegean

Zionist-Greek alliance seizes the Aegean
Date: 11.2.2021 11:00

Greece, which has constantly set new traps against Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean and Aegean Sea, is now preparing to allocate a military base to Zionist Israel in the Aegean.

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While the moves of the Israeli-Greek alliance, which has its eyes on our land, continue with such clarity, the government insists on normalizing with Israel.
Continuing its attempts that threaten our national security, Greece plays its last trump against Turkey through Israel. Greece, which makes all kinds of diplomatic moves to usurp Turkey's legitimate rights in the Eastern Mediterranean, is opening a military zone for Zionist Israel right under our nose, in the Western Anatolian Sea (Aegean Sea). Ignoring the international agreements, continuing its military buildup on the Aegean islands and allowing the construction of an American base in the Karaağaç region, Greece will now base the Zionists in the Aegean Sea in return for the weapons it will buy from Israel. Despite all these developments, the AKP government's continuing normalization efforts with Israel draws the reaction of the patriots.


Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis continues to search for new cooperation in order to realize the plans of strife in the Eastern Mediterranean. With the support of the USA and European countries, Greece is expanding its international cooperation network day by day. To date, Greece, which has made arms agreements and conducted joint exercises with countries such as the USA, France, Britain and the United Arab Emirates, will make the largest defense agreement with Israel. Visiting Southern Cyprus the other day, Mitsotakis' next stop was Israel. Although the "tourism agreement" item was highlighted during Mitsotakis' visit to Israel, the arms deal, which poses a serious threat to Turkey, lies in its background. Evaluating the visit of Mitsotakis to Israel, the Greek press announced the military cooperation in the Aegean Sea to the world public opinion.


The defense agreement, confirmed by Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis 'visit to Israel, will enter into force after the two sides' defense ministers sign. The prominent articles in the agreement that will pose a threat to Turkey are as follows:
* Israeli defense industry company Elbit Systems will establish and operate a flight school for the Hellenic Air Force in the Aegean Islands.
* A drone base will be built on Iskiri Island in the middle of the Aegean Sea with drones purchased from Israel.
* Israel will sell 10 M-346 Lavi aircraft to Greece and take care of these aircraft. In addition, the maintenance of the T-6 Efroni aircraft and simulators, training and logistical support will be provided by Israel.


Ignoring the struggle of its own people against poverty, the Greek government is investing its state budget in armament. Greece, which started the process of purchasing F-35s from the United States and bought Rafale jets from France, is now purchasing 10 M-346 Lavi model fighter jets and many unmanned aerial vehicles from Israel. The defense cooperation agreement, officially announced by the Israeli Ministry of Defense in early January, is the largest defense supply agreement between Greece and Israel.


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