Zionist Israel aims to to invade Lebanon

Zionist Israel aims to to invade Lebanon
Date: 4.6.2024 10:00

Terrorist Israel, which is causing bloodshed in the Middle East, cannot get enough of massacres. The Zionist structure, which has settled like a virus in the center of Islamic geography, is not only limited to Palestine but is looking for new places to attack.

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Yoav Kisch, Minister of Education of Israel's pirate government, signaled a new attack on Lebanon in his speech on Israeli Army Radio.
Kisch stated that Israel should declare war on Lebanon and said, "We should expel the people living in the south of Lebanon to the north of the Litani River."
This time, Israel set its sights on the south of Lebanon
Israel, which massacred innocent people, encouraged by the inaction of Islamic countries, this time set its sights on the south of Lebanon.
Finally, Israeli Minister of Education Yoav Kisch, in his speech to Israel Army Radio, stated that they should start a new war to evacuate the south of Lebanon.
Yoav Kisch argued that it does not mean anything that Israel is currently at war and that they have enough military forces for a new war.


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