Zionist Israel challenges justice!

Zionist Israel challenges justice!
Date: 9.2.2024 13:00

Zionist Israel, the poisonous plague of the Middle East and the bloody occupier of Palestinian lands, challenges the decisions taken by the International Court of Justice to prevent genocide.

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While two weeks have passed since the International Court of Justice (ICJ) issued an interim injunction against Israel in the genocide case filed by South Africa, Israel continues to challenge the Court's decisions, from allowing humanitarian aid to acts of killing.
In the genocide case filed by South Africa, the ICJ ruled on January 26 that Israel should refrain from any actions related to killing, attack and destruction against the residents of Gaza and take all measures to prevent genocide.
According to data shared by the United Nations, it appears that Israel further restricted the symbolic level of humanitarian aid it allowed to pass into Gaza, instead of releasing it after the International Court of Justice decision.


Regarding Israel's violation of the 1948 UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide, the ICJ requested the Tel Aviv administration to provide urgently needed basic services and humanitarian aid against the negative living conditions of Palestinians in Gaza.
The ICJ ruled that Israel should take urgent and effective measures to make this possible. Following the ICJ decision, the number of trucks Israel allowed to enter Gaza decreased by 40 percent.
During the two weeks before January 26, when the ICJ decision was taken, an average of 156 aid trucks entered Gaza per day, and when looking at the UN data for the 11 days after January 26, it is seen that the daily average of the number of aid trucks allowed was only 93.
For this reason, the crisis of basic needs, as well as medicine and health supplies, has reached its highest level in the Gaza Strip.


Israeli Prime Minister, the murderer Benjamin Netanyahu, argued that accepting the demands of HAMAS, which offered a ceasefire and mutual prisoner exchange, would lead to a new massacre for Israel, and said that they had ordered the army to prepare for an attack on Rafah city in the south of Gaza.


The Zionist regime, which continues its genocidal attacks in Gaza, also continues its murders in the West Bank and Jerusalem. Terrorists martyred two more Palestinians in the West Bank, raided refugee camps, and destroyed the house of a Palestinian they martyred.


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