Zionist pressure in the Palestinian elections

Zionist pressure in the Palestinian elections
Date: 2.2.2021 14:00

The Zionist Israeli pressure has started in Palestine, where elections will be held after 14 years. Israel is threatening Hamas members who are likely to run for elections by detaining them.

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After 14 years, elections will be held in Palestine, where the last vote was held in 2006. While preparations for elections continue in Palestine, where the parliamentary elections will be held on May 22, 2021 and presidential elections on July 31, 2021, the threats and pressures of Zionist Israel have also started. 
The terrorist Israel, who detained Hamas members in the West Bank and threatened their families, is also taking various steps to prevent elections in Jerusalem. 
Palestinian journalist Mohammad Abu Taqiya spoke to the Milli Gazete and evaluated the Zionist repression.


Mohammed Abu Taqiya said, "After the elections held 14 years ago, the occupying Israel almost launched an arrest campaign. Deputies and mayors were arrested by Zionist Israel. There have been serious prison sentences especially for names who took office in the West Bank. In fact, the deputies in Jerusalem were taken away and arrested. Of those who were arrested in those days, there are still those who are in prison. Even if they are released from prison, they cannot go to Jerusalem due to the suspension order. "Israel is now trying to put pressure on the Palestinian elections and administrators by reminding of what happened in the past."


Taqiya said, "When the election decision was made in Palestine, the oppression methods were revealed by the occupying Israel. It is said by Israel that there will be no elections in Jerusalem. There are people called and detained by the occupation forces. These names were members of Hamas living in the West Bank. The occupation forces said to these leaders who are leaders in the Palestinian cause, "You will not participate in the elections, you will be sentenced to prison if you participate. They threatened their families with their children. They want to put pressure on the Palestinian authorities and prevent elections in Palestine through this and different ways of pressure. Threatened leaders also stand against the Zionist oppression, saying "This is a struggle, there is a price to struggle".


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