Zionist regime turns Gaza hospital into 'military base'

Zionist regime turns Gaza hospital into military base
Date: 19.2.2024 14:00

The occupying Israeli regime decommissioned the Nasser Hospital, which it had blockaded for a long time and raided on February 15, and turned it into the headquarters of the occupation forces.

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The Ministry of Health in Gaza announced that the Nasser Hospital, which the occupying Israeli regime had blockaded for a long time and raided on February 15, was decommissioned and turned into the headquarters of the Zionist forces.
Israeli forces also detained 70 medical personnel
Ashraf al-Qudra, Spokesperson of the Ministry of Health in Gaza, made a written statement about the latest developments in Nasser Hospital.
In the statement, it was stated that "Occupying Israel decommissioned Nasser Hospital and turned it into a military barracks." It was stated that the occupying Israeli soldiers also detained 70 medical personnel working in the hospital.
Israeli terrorists took off his clothes and beat him...
"Occupied Israel kept medical personnel handcuffed in the maternity ward for long hours. Soldiers took off the clothes of the medical personnel they detained and then beat them," the statement said.
It was emphasized that only 25 medical personnel remained in the hospital.
Decayed bodies of children were seen
While the occupying Israeli regime's attacks on the blockaded Gaza Strip have continued uninterruptedly for more than 130 days, war crimes in the region continue to be documented.
The decomposed bodies of babies and children in the intensive care unit of the Nasser Children's Hospital in the Gaza city of Zionist Israel, which was forcibly evacuated, were viewed after Israeli soldiers withdrew from the area.
Their power is enough for children
Four Palestinian children, who went out to collect wood for cooking in the north of Gaza, were directly targeted by the occupying Israel and were injured, resulting in severe burns on their bodies.
Doctor Rawia Tanbura, who gave first aid to children, "The children have extensive burns on their bodies and need urgent medical attention," she said.


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