Zionists hit 202 targets in Syria

Zionists hit 202 targets in Syria
Date: 6.9.2018 14:00

The terrorist Israeli army, who has a large share in Syria's internal turmoil, confessed that he attacked more than 200 targets claimed to belong to the Iranian forces in Syria in the last 18 months. Israel is known for not undertaking the offensive that it has organized outside the country.

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An Israeli army spokesman, who spoke locally and did not reveal his name, said that in the past 18 months Israel has hit more than 200 allegedly Iranian sites in Syria, mostly by attacks carried out by warplanes. Israel has launched 792 bombs and missiles in Syria since 2017. The Zionist official said that a large part of the targets hit were "made up of some infrastructure with weapons systems claimed to belong to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards".
The attackers are aiming to block Iran's presence in Syria, the official claimed, because of the attacks, that the Iranian Revolutionary Guards had to evacuate several bases in Syria.
The Israeli media reports that since 2013, Israel has organized attacks on Syrian territory.
Israeli officials who often claim that Iran is trying to settle in Syria say that Tel Aviv is against Iranian presence in Syria.
According to the Syrian Human Rights Observatory's allegation, the Syrian army again attacked the tension-reducing zone in Idlib and Hama provinces. The Syrian army bombed Kirbet, El Ghab, Hawash, El Nakus and Hish villages in Idlib countryside.


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