İYİ Party head Akşener slams MHP Chair Bahçeli over his party’s “free bread” campaign

İYİ Party head Akşener slams MHP Chair Bahçeli over his party’s “free bread” campaign
Date: 20.10.2020 14:00

“On the one side, you say that the economy is booming; on the other side, you launch a campaign of ‘bread on a hanger.' Either you or the AKP is lying," Akşener said.

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İYİ Party Chair Akşener has slammed Bahçeli, the Chair of the MHP, which is in alliance with the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), over the "askıda ekmek" (bread on a hanger) campaign initiated by the party.
Addressing both the MHP and AKP within this context, Akşener has asked, "What kind of remorselessness is that?" and said:
"We already have the practice of 'bread on a hanger' in our tradition, but it is not something that you can do by setting up a hanger in public and putting your party logo on the hanger. It is something that is supposed to be done decently in a bakery. They have been marginalized from our nation to such an extent that they cannot even offer 'bread on a hanger' properly.
Akşener has also criticized President and AKP Chair Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for frequently announcing the discovery of new natural gas reserves:
"On the one side, you are showing off, saying, 'We have discovered gas'; on the other side, you raise the prices. Stop playing with the nation's hopes. The nation is expecting you to find a solution for the natural gas bill. But you pose on top of a ship. While you dream of a Turkey which gets rich with natural gas, what you have in reality is 'bread on a hanger' campaign," Akşener added.


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