Saadet Party MP: "Most of what the government complained about 20 years ago did not changed"

Saadet Party MP: "Most of what the government complained about 20 years ago did not changed"
Date: 7.9.2023 10:00

Saadet Party Deputy Assoc. Dr. Necmettin Çalışkan evaluated the point reached in twenty years in the program organized. Çalışkan underlined that the interest-based system has continued as it is, and that they are struggling to change this.

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The Traditional Milli Görüş Meeting program held by Saadet Party Kayseri Provincial Presidency at the Kadir Has Fairground was held with the participation of Saadet Party Hatay Deputy Assoc. Dr. Necmettin Çalışkan.


Calling out to the party members within the scope of the program, Caliskan said, "2023 has been a very important year. As an important turning point in the 55-year history of the 'Milli Görüş Movement', our party re-entered the Parliament. This was the result of 55 years of work. As a party that is open to cooperation with every segment in every period of history, we say that we are neither right-wing nor left-wing, we are the people on the way. No one is our friend or foe. Our late teacher Erbakan said, 'We know our principles and ideals. We put our terms on the table. If we agree on these conditions, we will continue to work.' Indeed, it continues to this day. We believe that, in this period, too, with great efforts by a small number of our representatives, I hope history will repeat itself and our party will win great victories again."


Stating that the Saadet Party's case is the establishment of an interest-free system, Çalışkan said, "Is there a change in the interest-bearing, capitalist, exploiting system? No, the system remains the same. It's just a debate over who will sit in the bank manager's chair. However, our case was not to sit in the bank seat, but to establish an interest-free system. Again, 20 years ago, people belonging to a group were becoming school principals. Today, people belonging to other groups become school principals. I wonder who will be the principal of the school, or is it the education system, the curriculum, the growing generation or the youth? Are the people who graduated from this school 20 years ago better or the young people today? We used to complain about corruption and theft, and we still do today. But in the past it was done by people of other segments, but today it cannot be overlooked because it is made by people of different segments."


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